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Pinned topic Java Nodes with separate classpaths

‏2013-03-28T11:06:59Z |
Hi all,
We have a requirement to deploy Java nodes, each of which consume different versions of some common java libraries.

Thus to avoid a classloading clash, these binaries need to be available on discrete classpaths.
i.e. if this code were deployed to WAS, we would package the version specific jars within the ear or war as required and there is separation of those jars by virue of the web-app application classpath.

Ideally, I am effectively looking for like capability but on a per Java Node basis. Is this possible with WMB ?

If not, what is the reccommended approach to deploy (concurrently) multiple versions of a Java Node each requiring different versions of some java binaries ?

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    Re: Java Nodes with separate classpaths


    what fuels this need?