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‏2013-03-27T20:29:07Z |
Im trying to debug my rui app. I set a breakpoint, right click my rui program and select Debug as EGL Rich UI app. It opens an explorer window, but just sits there like its trying to load but nothing happens. I've waited several minutes then closed the window manually.

Anyone else have these issues and know how to get around them?

windows 7 64bit
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    Re: debug issue


    1. Was debug been working before but now it doesn't?
    2. Can you debug another RUI app?
    3. Have you tried associating a different browser with the IDE (to see if it is a browser-specific issue)?
    4. Try setting a breakpoint at the earliest possible execution point. Does it get there? If so, step it through to find out where it hangs.
    5. Along the lines of #4 ... if you are calling any IBM i programs (directly or as stored procedure calls) anywhere along the way don't forget to check the system operator message queue when the hang occurs. I can't tell you how many times I've discovered a message waiting on the IBM i side that is hanging the RUI side.


    p.s. My money is on #5!