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Pinned topic Nexus and Fibre Channel Issue with AIX

‏2013-03-27T20:14:27Z |
We currently have a dual VIO CEC P770 using 8gb cards and we need to move off a Connectrix switch to the Cisco Nexus 5596. We attempted this once on a stand alone P520 machine with no VIO and encountered an issue with the switch not seeing the disks. There was no link light on the switch and we had to make changes to the 4gb card on the P520, here is a recommendation from the Cisco network guy to address our issue:

**This issue with AIX HBA has been reported to have port initialization failure issue with the Nexus switches.**
**An AIX host cannot connect via FC HBA to a N55xxUP FC port.**
**As you mentioned this is fixed by forcing the HBA to bypass the “initialization” algorithm during negotiation to prevent the timing issue.**

AIX server that is either Fibre Channel or FCoE attached to an N5K. AIX is the only device that uses Class 2 for its Fibre Channel Control Plane Traffic. (FICON does as well, but the N5K does not support FICON).

This works when the port mode is hard coded to “F” or “FX” on the switch side in combination with the changes on the AIX HBA recommended as follows:

To make the AIX host use Class 3 and point to point (instead of AL)

# chdev -l fcs0 -a sw_fc_class=3 -P

# chdev -l fcs0 -a init_link=pt2pt -P
Both are required for successful operation.

Replace fcs0 with the appropriate HBA identifier

This is not a switch issue and there are no other configurable parameters in the switch to circumvent this issue.

Please involve the AIX hba vendor/development to address this issue.

From the Cisco remark it appears there are issues with the IBM HBA's, we want to move our dual VIO NPIV production environment to the new switches but we are sort of hesitant, has anyone else moved to these switches and have you heard or seen these type of issues with the 8gb cards?
  • MatthewBourne
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    Re: Nexus and Fibre Channel Issue with AIX

    ‏2013-06-24T18:47:58Z  in response to deesk


    What's the FC code of your HBA, and what model of 770 is it?  What version of VIOS?

    This might help you work out whether you're looking at an unsupported configuration, from an IBM perspective:

    I tried a couple of combinations, but I couldn't see a supported mix that included 770, 8 Gbit HBA, and Cisco Nexus :(


    • deesk
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      Re: Nexus and Fibre Channel Issue with AIX

      ‏2013-06-24T19:23:36Z  in response to MatthewBourne

      The fiber card's microcode is at 111304, the machine is a p770-MMB and my version of the ios is

      • Steve Parker
        Steve Parker
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        Re: Nexus and Fibre Channel Issue with AIX

        ‏2014-05-01T18:39:09Z  in response to deesk

        Just about a year later....deesk, did you ever get a clear direction on your issue?

        We also have multiple P770-MMB with FC5735 HBA's and are now planning moving to Cisco Nexus 5596.  Looking for any info possible.



  • timmymic
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    Re: Nexus and Fibre Channel Issue with AIX

    ‏2015-03-24T21:08:07Z  in response to deesk

    I am having the same issue with a P5 550 connecting to the Nexus 5596 UP. I used the commands given above and still receiving error that I am sending class 2. Has anyone figured this out yet?