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Pinned topic BigInsights 2.0 Obtaining session token for REST APIs, Token not expiring

‏2013-03-27T19:17:08Z |
We have installed BigInsights Enterprise 2.0 on CentOS and have implemented flat file security. We are working on a mobile application using the documented REST API's to mirror some of the functionality available in the web console.
Everything seems to be working well except...the documentation (see the link below) states that the timeout for the session token is 30 minutes. We cannot get the token to expire, we have left it untouched for extended periods of time (1, 2 3 hours)and are not forced to re-login, the token is still valid. The cookie stored is an LPTA2 token.

We are unsure what we are missing, and any help, guidance would be appreciated.
Please let me know what additional information would be useful in resolving this.

Here s a link to the exact section of the documentation we are referring to...