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‏2013-03-27T15:25:45Z |

We had a LTO full height drive replaced in a TS3200 by a third party provider (factory warranty expired). From the TS3200's point of view everything looks good. However, the windows server that the 3200 is attached to is now having issues. Server is running Server 2008 R2 standard. The windows server while able to use the replacement drive takes a long time to access it, and we cannot reboot the server successfully with the drive attached.

In device manager, the 2 drives from the TS3200 show differently. The working drive show shows as "IBM ULT3580-TD4 SCSI Sequential Device" which is how all TS3200 drives show for us in our various locations. the drive that is causing the issues shows as "IBM ULTRIUM 4 3580 TAPE DRIVE"

Any suggestions? I'm thinking the 3rd party vendor gave us a bad drive, however since the TS3200 shows green and the drive does write (though slow to access) I need something more concrete to take to them

Thank you,
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    Re: TS3200 Drive issues

    This looks to me like a driver issue, try reinstalling the TS3200 Drivers
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    Re: TS3200 Drive issues


    Most likely a drive that shows up as "IBM ULTRIUM 4 3580 TAPE DRIVE" is not an IBM retail product, but an IBM OEM drive supposed to be built into 3rd party vendor's systems/libraries. Such a drive is not officially supported to be used in your TS3100 library - you should see this when you check the drive status in your TS3200 web interface. There are drive microcode differences between the OEM drives and the retail drives which may or may not cause the problems you reported.

    With that information, I'd ask your supplier to replace the drive with a valid IBM TS3200 replacement drive - see the TS3200 data sheet for the valid drive part numbers.