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Pinned topic Invitation to Participate in IBM Log Analytics Open Beta Program

‏2013-03-27T12:34:48Z |
The IBM Log Analytics product team is pleased to announce the start of the open beta program for the new IBM Log Analytics product to be released later this year. This is the first ever open beta for the IBM Log Analytics offering and we're looking for broad participation from application developers, support engineers and WebSphere subject matter experts like those participating in this forum. We hope to leverage your expertise and experience during this open beta to both provide you an early look into the capabilities while also offering you the opportunity to provide feedback on product capabilities and features, our WebSphere Insight Pack as well as ask questions which will help us further refine the product and our direction to suit the needs of the WebSphere community.

When problems are reported with applications running on WebSphere Application Server, most often we hear about an SME's need to look at SystemOut, SystemError and trace log files as starting points for problem validation, isolation and resolution. As you are very aware, manual analysis of gigabytes worth of WebSphere logs plus system, network, storage and other logs is laborious and time consuming. IBM Log Analytics can help WebSphere SMEs to iteratively drill down and search through massive amount of logs files to quickly find the root cause of the problems.

IBM Log Analytics is designed to index, search and analyse application, middleware and infrastructure data generated by your systems, middleware and business applications. While support for all log sources and types will be provided, the solution will feature in depth, prepackaged domain insights into Websphere and DB2 log sources, further accelerating value for application developers, application support and middleware subject matter experts.

The first milestone driver available today includes the following highlights:

* Advanced search and text analytics technology from IBM's Big Data platform - Big Insights
* Intuitive user interface and design enabling easy free form search and directed search interactions
* Search logs using configured and discovered patterns such as stack traces, class/thread IDs and error codes to quickly identify and repair issues
* Quickly visualize application error type distribution across thousands of log records
* Fast installation, typically installs in less than 10 minutes

We challenge you to present us with creative scenarios and use cases where IBM Log Analytics technologies can be applied in your application and middleware environments! Please visit our webpage, wiki and forum for more information and click on the download icon to participate.

Thank you!

Doug McClure
IBM Log Analytics Product Team