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‏2013-03-27T12:10:26Z |
Hi All,

We are planning to setup infrastructure(controller and injectors) on the IBM cloud to conduct performance testing of our application which is hosted on the Amazon cloud.

Would like to know any of you are working on similar infrastructure whatever the tool used) where performance testing infrastructure is an Cloud environment? In one of the project there is need to setup cloud infrastructure to test apps hosted on Amazon cloud.

We are looking for few practical inputs and clarify below points to start with, while deciding on the best solution from the options thought of and available
1. Challenges faced and how did you overcome
2. Implications on end user response time perception and PT results
3. Differential factors on day to day activities like test executions
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    Re: Cloud environment setup for performance testing

    This is more of a forum query, I would like to hear the input from others Trial users.
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