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Pinned topic How to change default jsfProvider on WAS7

‏2013-03-27T09:55:41Z |
I know it's possible to change default jsfProvider in WAS8 with wsadmin tool. There's a link for that: But i can't do that with WAS7.

We can only change that property through web-console like this: . But after redeploying we must change this property again.

Currently I develop in RAD, so i tried to add shared library {AppServer}/plugins/org.apache.myfaces1_2.jar into Application Deployment Descriptor . RAD modifies META-INF/ibmconfig/cells/defaultCell/nodes/defaultNode/servers/defaultServer/libraries.xml and this didn't work.

I tried to modify directly /META-INF/ibmconfig/cells/defaultCell/applications/defaultApp/deployments/defaultApp/deployment.xml , but also had no success.

Any suggestions?