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Pinned topic ISA analyzing Commerce & SOLR

‏2013-03-27T09:17:18Z |

Is it possible to analyze WebSphere commerce instances with ISA?
How diffrent java processes are working and so on....

And is it possible to analyze the SOLR heap with ISA?
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    Re: ISA analyzing Commerce & SOLR

    Hello Sofia,
    Which version IBM Support Assistant are you referring to? IBM Support Assistant V4 Workbench or IBM Support Assistant 5.0 Team Server (Beta 2)? Also, I take it that SOLR means "Solaris"?

    If you are speaking of IBM Support Assistant 5.0 Team Server Beta 2. This is a platform to run different tools. Its the tools that can/will analyze the artifacts you collect, then WebSphere Commerce instances are java processes, so to analyze those you would need a dump analyzer/thread analyzer, which we have in the IBM Support Assistant 5.0 Beta 2. As for the SOLR heap, I'm not sure what this is. If you meant to say it was a SOLARIS heap dump, Memory Analyzer Tool or (MAT) may be the tool to use in ISA 5.0 Beta 2. There are three versions of this tool: (Web, Reports and Desktop). There is also a IBM HeapAnalyzer, that will analyzing Java heap dumps to troubleshoot problems such as: Memory leaks and excessive heap usage

    To learn more about these and other tools please see the following link for the complete list of problem determination tools in IBM Support Assistant 5.0 Beta 2:

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.


    Ricky Holcomb