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Pinned topic Why I have to upgrade the IM, PU all the time?

‏2013-03-27T02:19:01Z |
Why I have to upgrade the IM, PU all the time when try to install a newer release of Rational software? Isn't it a weird design? Can't they use a simple IM and at least stable for a while?

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    Re: Why I have to upgrade the IM, PU all the time?

    The Packaging Utility only needs to be updated if there is a fix required to copy a new offering or to get a new feature.

    The Installation Manager is released quarterly. It can be configured to automatically update itself, but by default this is not the case, try File > Preferences > Updates and uncheck Search for Installation Manager updates if this is checked and the IM will not automatically update itself.

    When a package is created by IBM it may require a new feature in a newer version of the IM. If so the package defines a pre-requisite on a specific version of the IM/. When the IM attempts to install or update the package it will insist that the IM be updated to a compatible version if needed.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Why I have to upgrade the IM, PU all the time?


    So previously I installed RPE 1.3 and RLKS 8.1.4

    To do this I had to install IM 1.7.3

    Now I want to install DOORS NG version 6

    DNG6 requires IM 1.8.x

    When you try to install IM 1.8 it says you need to uninstall IM 1.7

    When you try to uninstall IM 1.7 it says you have to uninstall anything you installed with IM 1.7 first.

    So to install a new piece of IBM software first you have to uninstall all the IBM software you currently have installed?

    I guess maybe IM 1.8 will support the reinstallation of RPE 1.3 and RLKS 8.1.4 but I will have to go through the guddle of uninstalling everything just just to find out.

    Is it intended design that IM requires you to manually uninstall all previously installed IBM software just so you can upgrade to a newer version of IM just so you can then install one new piece of software which requires the newer version IM and then you have to try and manually reinstall all previously installed sofware again via the newer IM?

    That seems a bit obtuse!