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‏2013-03-26T23:52:15Z |
Is it possible to use time based Mail triggers in change? I want to send a trigger if a due date of a specific state expires.

For example if the analysis due date expires automatically a Mail should send to the user which is the assigned analyst of the CR.


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    Re: Time based Mail triggers

    Hi Achim,

    Change itself has no regularly executed tasks, as it is more or less a mechanism to query, display and modify contents of a database, but that's no problem:

    For tasks like this I always prefer to write a perl script that has access to Change (using the perl api) and queries for crs fulfilling certain criteria, sending appropriate mails.

    This perl script would then be executed by a cron job (on Unix) or a scheduled task (on Windows) every evening.

    If you have any questions about details, just ask
    Regards, Mike

    Mike Scharnow, IT-QBase GmbH, Consultant for Configuration, Change and Requirements Management