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‏2013-03-26T18:08:55Z |
Greetings, I have a DS3200 single controller with 7 SAS Drives + 1 EXP with 7 SATA Drives.. 2 Arrays and 4 Luns, 1 drive of each type is a HotSpare, SAS drives are 450 GB, and SATA Drives are 1 TB capacity.. all f a sudden we experienced a power failure on the plant, when the power came back, the storage presented 1 drive damaged on the Controller with the SAS drives, so the hotspare entered in acction and everything is ok, but at the same time the storage Controller is in a MIGRATION status and all drives only on the Controller are missing. The EXP is woking ok and drives are Assigned with no problem.

Strange, but it's responding to everything... but I can not get it out of that state..

Is there any way to cancel this state and ger my drives to a normal status whithout loosing any info? (maybe a command line?)

Any help? Thanks