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We are looking for ways to expedite the conversion of Enterprise Cobol programs to Java. I came across a large number of tools which seem to be available to help expedite the conversion. Could you please let me know if anyone has come across any comparison study done against the tools (Open Source or Vendor).

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    Re: Cobol to Java conversion tools

    I submit you have been given the wrong problem to solve.

    Why are you converting?

    Beware conversions to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Be advised that in distributed environments the C is rarely T. It's usually TCWICAFE (Total Cost of What I Can Account For Easily).

    If the conversion is a result of not being able to find COBOL developers, look to where you are targeting your recruitment and perhaps contact the IBM Academic Initiative or zNextGen folks.

    Beware trying to migrate to the next cool language.

    Beware conversion tools. Try before you buy, ask for proof of concept conversions from vendors using your code.
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    Re: Cobol to Java conversion tools


    Have you tried the J2C tooling in Rational Application developer?

    They can generate simple java beans from cobol copy book.

    Depending on your enterprise systems, cics, ims or others there are adapters where you can use  to communicate to back end system.


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    Re: Cobol to Java conversion tools


    COBOL to Java / C# Project Planning and Management - 10 Min Guide :

    Also, If the objective is to translate the cobol to "legible/maintainable" Java code - then have a look at the tools provided by SoftwareMining - .

    The company licenses the translation tools to SIs or end-clients, so the work can be performed on client site, using the available resources. The tool has been used by SIs in quite a few successful COBOL to Java projects.

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    Re: Cobol to Java conversion tools


    Datatek, the company I work for, specializes in automated language conversions, including COBOL to Java. We actually have a white paper on this exact topic - Twenty Questions Your Code Conversion Partner Better Have a Good Answer For

    Our conversion process is highly automated (our tool typically hits 99.99% or higher). We use our decades of migration experience to add a high level of customization to our tools for each migration process. If this sounds useful to you, please do contact us to see if we can be of assistance to you. 


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    Re: Cobol to Java conversion tools


    El vídeo ha sido muy bueno, me ha resuelto una pequeña duda que tenía, muchas cenquius jeje


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    Re: Cobol to Java conversion tools


    Look at for BluAge solution.