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‏2013-03-26T16:57:45Z |
I've installed TXSeries V7.1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 and configured a region. I'm attempting to compile the IVP with Micro Focus Visual COBOL instead of MF Net Express COBOL, but have 2 issues:

1. cicstcl.exe is unable to find cobol.exe, I get the following error: "ERZ058405E/0161: The program 'cobol;' failed to execute, error number is '2'"

2. If I compile each file by hand by calling cicstran, then cobol, then cbllink (see exact command below), everything builds and links, but any attempt to run the MENU transaction abends with the following: "ERZ014016E : Transaction 'MENU', Abend 'APCT', at 'P16H'"

I'm following the install/build instructions found here: (I know it is the install instructions for V6.2, but I can not find the V7.1 instructions).

My env variables are as follows:
COBDIR=C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\;C:\PROGRA~2\MICROF~1\ENTERP~1\bin
LIB=C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\lib\;C:\opt\cics\lib;C:\PROGRA~2\MICROF~1\ENTERP~1\lib
PATH=<stuff not related to cics>;C:\opt\cics\bin;C:\PROGRA~2\MICROF~1\ENTERP~1\bin;C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~2.0\VC\bin

As thought I read somewhere that TXSeries needs the short path names which is why I've added them above (can't find where I read this).

The steps I'm using to compile by hand are as follows:
(based on

cicstran -e -d dfhcall.ccp
cobol dfhcall, , , ,COPYPATH(C:\opt\cics\include) /DATA-CONTEXT /CALL-RECOVERY
cbllink -D -Mdfhcall -Odfhcall.cbmfnt dfhcall.obj C:\opt\cics\lib\cicsprCBMFNT.lib

This compiles and links correctly unlike "nmake COBOL" which produces the cicstcl error given in #1 above.

After building, I copied the *.cbmfnt files to c:\var\cics_reagions\myregion\bin and copied the *.map files to c:\var\cics_reagions\myregion\maps\prime and the executed the following:

cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGC PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGL PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCBRW PathName="dfhcbrw"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCMNU PathName="dfhcmnu"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGB PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCGK PathName=""
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCALL PathName="dfhcall"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCCOM PathName="dfhccom"
cicsupdate -c pd -r myregion DFHCREN PathName="dfhcren"

I've read to attempt to resolve the abend issue, but so far no luck.

The message code for the abend is:

ERZ001037E Exception occurred while loading the COBOL language program
Explanation: CICS has encountered an exception while loading the COBOL Language program, cicsprCBMFNT.
System Action: CICS abnormally terminates the transaction with APCT.
User Response: Ensure that Micro Focus NetExpress Cobol is installed and functioning correctly.

So i'm wondering if cicstcl can't find cobol.exe and CICS can't load cicsprCBMFNT.dll even though it is in c:\opt\cics\bin? Or is it simply that cicsprCBMFNT.dll is not compatible with file produced by the MF Visual COBOL compiler even though it compiles cleanly?

Stiles Watson
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    Re: TXSeries V7.1 Trial with Micro Focus Visual COBOL



    Can you try the following:
    1> Compile a hello world program in a COBOL environment.
    2> Try to run the executable from a command prompt. If this runs successfully then it means that COBOL environment is set properly.  
    3> Once you are able to run the hello world successfully from command prompt you can try TXSeries IVP. 
    I think TXSeries supports MicroFocus Net Express not MF Visual COBOL.