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Pinned topic Limiting the size of a switch operator

‏2013-03-26T16:03:43Z |
For a recent application it would have been very convenient if I could have used the, new to v3.0, Switch operator. However, for this particular use case the controlling condition to open the switch might not happen for extended periods of time and I only want to process tuples that have happened recently and don't want the "buffer" to grow without limit. From the documentation it appears that the Switch operator is non-windowed. However, I think the ability to specify an eviction policy would be quite useful, either to limit the memory usage or to remove no longer relevant tuples.

For now I've manually implemented the behavior using a Custom operator, but as a low priority feature request it would be nice to have a windowed version of the Switch operator in the standard toolkit.
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    Re: Limiting the size of a switch operator

    I have captured your requirement.