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Pinned topic Error during a manual merge

‏2013-03-26T14:58:56Z |

I was doing a delivery between views but one of them fails.
Then I tryed to merge manually and XML DIFF MERGE show me the following "Error opening file"

Please see the attach files.

I dont know where to start looking,any ideas?
  • brcowan
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    Re: Error during a manual merge

    1) Can you open the file in your view?
    2) If not, what errors are you getting in:
    - The MVFS logs?
    - View logs?
    3) Where is the VOB? I can see that the client is Windows, but is the VOB server as well?

    This has the possibility of devolving into a long case, depending on the way things go at this time. You might be well served to open a PMR.
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