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Pinned topic Lookup Activity with two input parameters

‏2013-03-26T12:18:57Z |
I have a recurring variable with 2 fields - AccountNo1 and AccountNo1.
using this variable I am trying to do AS400 DB file(ACCTST) Lookup using the lookup activity.

Lookup activity is used as follows:
Configure : recurring variable

Query in Lookup activity used : select AccountNo1, AccountNo1 from TSTENV.ACCTST
where AccountNo1 =? and AccountNo1= ?

Set Input Parameters : selected AccountNo1 and AccountNo1 from recurring variable.

So if there is data in AS400 DB file (ACCTST) then MapOuputs - goodXml should have value.
But this is not returning the data in MapOuputs - goodXml instead it is returning data in MapOuputs - badXml

Can anyone please let me know if I am doing this right and is it fine to pass two variable as Input Parameters for DB Lookup activity?