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Is it possible to comunicate with a Websphere MQ Client to a non IBM JMS-Server?

We have a Delphi application witch implements the Websphere MQ Client API. Is it possible to use that to communicate also with a non IBM JMS-Server.

When not, is it possible, when we use a Websphere MQ Server whitch communicate withe the other JMS-Server?

Thank you
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    Re: Communication with a JMS-Server

    IBM WebSphere MQ is one of the messaging providers that can be used by JMS. See

    Do you have a native MQ Client application that processes messages in MQ JMS format, and you want it to be able to communicate with a JMS messaging provider that is not IBM MQ? (I don't think this is possible. Morag?)
    FYI, MQ Client apps and MQ Server (aka Bindings) apps basically have the same MQ messsage processing capabilities.
    (slightly confused, G.)
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    Re: Communication with a JMS-Server


    You may be interested to read the following article on using Message Broker to join two different JMS Providers together