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Pinned topic Autoerasefield issue , Unable to clear the contents of the HATS input field

‏2013-03-26T08:35:35Z |
Scenario to reproduce:
1. A HATS input field containing data.
2. Focus on the input field.
3. Delete all the characters on the field using delete/backspace key.
4. Submit the page.

Expected Result:
The field should be cleared/an appropriate error must be displayed(if field is mandatory).

Actual Result:
The field is not cleared.

Project setting:
<setting name="autoEraseFields" value="true"/>

Widget setting:
Trim spaces on the input field.

Additional Infromation :

issue where we are caught on a catch 22 situation with respect to the project setting for 'autoEraseFields'. When we set the 'autoEraseFields' to its default value of 'True', the Delete/Backspace key on the below fields doesn't clear the field on the mainframe , rather it simulates the EOF(Erase end of field) behavior of the mainframe which doesn't clear the fields in mainframe as well. when these fields are cleared using 'Delete' key in mainframe, the field is getting cleared but NOT on HATS .On the other hand if we set the 'autoEraseFields' to 'False', the Delete/Backspace issue is NOT there but we are getting an online mainframe error 'Dark data in error' because the numeric fields are padded with spaces when the length of the data entered is less than the field length.

Siva S