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Many of our customers (I am working for an IBM business partner) do have storage subsystems like V7000 and SVC managed subsystems, but there are also a lot of 'native' subsystems of all kind like IBM DS8xx0, IBM DS5x00 and IBM N series out there, too. Some customers use IBM TPC to monitor their subsystem performance, some use the subsystem native GUI (if it has an monitoring function), others are using third party programs, but most customers are not very satisfied whatever solution they are using: some lack of functions, others are too expensive for "just" monitoring performance.

So in my spare time I've started to develop a performance monitor for IBM storage subsystems. Right now the project is in an early pre-alpha state, and it is currently capable of monitoring IBM V7000 and IBM SVC only. It has a dashboard, where you have a quick overview of the status of all your storage subsystems. The program monitors IOs, throughput, repsonse times, cache hit rates and of course used/free capacity. It displays in detail live performance data, but you also can scroll back through historical performance data. The performance monitor displays totals and performance data of single disks or of subsets of physical disks, mdisks and vdisks. I have implemented some special views which i.e. gives you direct feedback of the correlation of response times and throughput.

All performance graphs can be exported to various graphics formats (png, jpeg and svg) and to pdf.

Future plans include the following features:
- Support for more storage models (DS8000, DS5000, IBM N series, maybe even non-IBM ones)
- Support for fibre channel/iSCSI/network port statistics
- Support for CPU performance
- Thresholds for warning and critical performance alerts
- Compare selected performance data with previous periods
- Trend analysis and future predictions
- Native mobile App (iOS, Android)

But of course my program has some downsides: i.e. it uses "ssh" to gather the subsystems performance data. And this is where I need your help: there seems to be a Native API (NAPI) for some IBM models, but I can't find any information on this NAPI (and I am not talking about the CIM agent and/or SMI-S). Does anybody has any information on how to use this API? Or does anybody has experience talking to IBM subsystems using the Native API?

Any help would be very appreciated.

And of course -- if you're interested in this project and would like to test it or to contribute ideas please feel free to contact me.
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    Re: Information needed: Performance monitoring - IBM Native API

    P.S.: If you want to contact me please use my email address: andreas dot lieser at googlemail dot com

    Thanks a lot in advance!