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Currently running TAD 7.5

We have a number of repositories for a customer which we would like to be combined into one. Is this possible without creating a new repository and importing inquisitor runs for each repository followed by all the monitor data?

I am not sure if we have any restrictions (re the discussion in the TAD manual starting page 4 after the word CAUTION:) Is there some SQL we can run that will tell us for a set of repositories if we have a problem with combining them?

Note: The real reason we are doing this is because we want to be able to report on the products installed in each of these repositories as if they were one - because they all relate to the same client and licensing restrictions etc.
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    Re: Combining repositories.


    It's not possible to combine repositories in 7.5. We used to do this in the old 7.2 release but since the structure of the Repository has changed, it's no longer possible to merge the data.

    The only thing you need to be cautious of is if you have the same volume name on totally different hardware e.g. VOL001 on MVSA and VOL001 on MVSB, where the volumes are on different storage hardware devices instead of being shared. This scenario might occur if you are importing data from different data centers into the same repository. However the impact having this all on the same repository is not always a problem. There are 3 possible circumstances and only the 3rd is what you need to be concerned about:

    1. If there are different library names on VOL001 for MVSA and VOL001 for MVSB there is no problem since they would not conflict.
    2. Similarly if VOL001 was an identical clone that is mirrored on multiple storage devices there would be no problem since they would just be treated like a shared volume from a product identification/usage point of view, which it in effect the mirror is.
    3. The only problem case is if you have the same library name on both of these volumes with different releases of the same product in it. e.g. DB2.SDSNLOAD on VOL001 for MVSA contains DB2 v8 and on MVSB contains DB2 v9. In this case, the TADz matching will flip between v8 & v9, which would be quite confusing. This sort of situation is only likely when you combine data from different data centers that have different teams administering them. So the safest way to avoid any confusion is to have a repository per data center.

    There are 2 Analyzer Reports, Asset report Product by Repository and Discovered Product by Repository. Both these reports allow you to select multiple Repositories and view the data on a single report. Maybe this would give you the information that you require.

    Jim K.