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Pinned topic mmfsck unrecoverable errors

‏2013-03-25T16:33:59Z |
Hi all,
after my farm relocation I'm getting errors on two of the logical partitions of one disk server. The errors are completely similar to those reported in
The filesystems are seen by mmlsdisk and said to be up, but they cannot be mounted (file system manager not found, Recovery Log I/O Failed) and mmfsck fails after a number of problems (InodeUnavail).
How can I understand whether it is a controller problem, of a filesystem serious corruption?
(I have a HP Smart Array P812, and some doubts it could be its fault as other filesystems are seen correctly through it).
I also get many FSSTRUCT errors, but it's hard for me to understand the information I can retrieve from the log.

Were the filesystems really corrupted, may I simply delete and recreate them, and restore on them their back-ups? The warranty of my system has just expired so I suppose I cannot open any assistance call anymore.
Thanks for helping.