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Pinned topic declareRecord RM_Operations step not working correctly

‏2013-03-25T14:34:27Z |
We are using the "declareRecord" RM_Operations step to declare our records.

One issue we've run into is if we've had a multi-value string list and the value has a ' , ' in it it causes an issue on the RM / IER side.

For instance - if I have a value in my multi-value string field (lets call it property A) that is "Client A, LLC."

I use "declareRecord" and use this to declare the document into a record with Property A as one of the parameters I pass.

After the workflow finishes on the RM / IER side my multi-value field (on the RMFPOS side) that is representing property A has a value of "Client A" / "LLC." -- they are two seperate values in its choice list.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
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    Re: declareRecord RM_Operations step not working correctly

    We use "," as a delimiter in the multi-value field, and the customer is providing a value containing ",", so we think that is two values there.
    The workaround is not using "," in the value.