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Pinned topic Is Rational System Architecture too much?

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Hello all,

I am working for a Rational customer that outsources EVERYTHING. They are about 20 people in size, so they don't have an Enterprise Architecture team...or person. I was asked if Rational has a tool that can inventory all of their "cloud" outsourced apps, their outsourced servers and applications on those machines, etc. I was pointed to Rational System Architecture, but that seems a little too much on the "Process/Service Level Agreement" design which is not what they are looking for. I went through the help and I can't even pin point what is needed for this...

--Is this tool too much for this request?
--Is there a simple "IT inventory" template for SA where I can record Machine, memory, OS, Application, etc?
--Is this the correct tool? Is there another IBM tool more suited for this?
--If this is the correct tool, will the process of learning the tool be too much for something that can just be created somewhere else?

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    Re: Is Rational System Architecture too much?

    If you are talking about Rational System Architect, it could definitely be used to record this inventory. Out of the box, you could use the Application definition and Technology definition to relate the applications to the servers. But to record the details (e.g. memory), I think you would have to tweak the existing definitions. Which is easy enough if you have experience with the tool, but is a learning curve if you do not.

    To your question: My opinion is that to record a list of servers, applications, and their relationship, SA is overkill. The power of SA is in relating 'lists' of things to see the relationships in an overall enterprise architecture. I would recommend a simple spreadsheet unless the intent is to start building out a more full EA.