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Pinned topic View on one server -Can view be available cross server during serv downtime

‏2013-03-25T13:15:47Z |
Hi All,

We use multiple servers on which clearcase is mapped.
Normal process is that user creates a view on a server and can use it across servers in case that server is somewhat busy.

Problem is : In case the server on which user created view the view is not accessible on any server and the user is stuck and have to redo all the changes or wait for that server to be back.

I had a discussion with my CM and as per him this cant be avoided.
As per him:

When we create the view on any server, in creation time view takes the server host of that server.
As per Rational Clearcase process, when we set the view on other server, that view contact to albd_server service which is running on view server.
All the clearcase servers have the multiple clearcase related services like : db_server, view_server, albd_server… etc.

So we can’t do anything if view server goes down until that server comes UP.
ClearCase version (Wed Mar 28 22:31:08 EDT 2012) (

Is there some workaround/changes that cab be done to avoid that.

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    Re: View on one server -Can view be available cross server during serv downtime

    I think you're looking for a "High Availability" configuration with ClearCase.

    You will find information on supported configurations here:

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