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Pinned topic Problem on PowerHA 5.5 after upgrading AIX from 5.3 to 6.1

‏2013-03-25T12:02:21Z |

Need some assistance. We're currently doing OS upgrade from AIX-5.3 TL9 to AIX-6.1 TL2 on our P6 systems. One of our machines has HACMP-5.5 (PowerHA) installed. After the upgrade, and validating it, issueing the command "instfix -i |grep ML" shows that the system was only upgraded to AIX-6.1 TL0 instead of TL2 because of missing filesets below. Anything can help us out on what will be the next steps going forward? Thanks!

6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.ToolTalk: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.adt: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.helpinfo: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.helpmin: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.helprun: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.lib: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.rte: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.Dt.xdt2cde: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:X11.vfb: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:bos.clvm.enh: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:devices.chrp.base.ServiceRM: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.basic.hacmp: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.basic.rte: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.basic.sp: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.compat.basic.hacmp: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.compat.basic.rte: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.compat.basic.sp: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.compat.clients.hacmp: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.compat.clients.rte: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.compat.clients.sp: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.auditrm: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.errm: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.fsrm: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.gui: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.hostrm: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.lprm: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.rmc: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.sec: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.sensorrm: 6100-02 Update 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.core.utils: 6100-02 Update
6100-02_AIX_ML:rsct.opt.storagerm: 6100-02 Update
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  • unixgrl
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    Re: Problem on PowerHA 5.5 after upgrading AIX from 5.3 to 6.1

    ‏2013-03-25T14:39:47Z  in response to iluvaix
    Your next step is to upgrade the software that needs upgrading or uninstall it if you don't need it.

    You will probably need to get the base-level filesets for the X11 stuff off of installation media
    and then apply your TL again to pull in the latest versions.
  • alethad
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    Re: Problem on PowerHA 5.5 after upgrading AIX from 5.3 to 6.1

    ‏2013-03-25T14:46:08Z  in response to iluvaix
    The missing RSCT filesets pertain to HA so you need to make sure the AIX 6.1 version is compatible with HA 5.5. They should be fine but I can't remember off the top of my head. Better confirm for yourself.

    Check the other filesets also. I don't think they will impact your HA but better to confirm.

    All you need to do is install the 6.1 version as an update all. Same gors for the RSCT files if you find the 6.1 version is okay with your HA5.5.

    You can also do a search for any AIX5.3 files with lslpp |grep 5.3.
    also use the lppchk -vm3 command as a follow up to the instfix just to confirm missing filesets.

    Remember, OS upgrades do not upgrade any cluster files or necessarily files related to the cluster. You have to do those separate. Unless you are using NIM and had those filesets included in both sources.
    Good luck.

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    • rammaghenthar
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      Re: Problem on PowerHA 5.5 after upgrading AIX from 5.3 to 6.1

      ‏2014-03-24T19:22:25Z  in response to alethad


               You can compare if you have any existing servers in your setup and find out what file sets are not required for Power HA 5.5 and can remove it individually. Then Go for HA upgrade. As I understand rsct file sets is needed in this list. Remaining can be ignored