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Pinned topic Need Help - Lotus Notes Connector IIOP Session Type

‏2013-03-25T01:44:34Z |
I am trying to configure the Lotus Notes Connector using IIOP session type and getting the below error.

09:01:35,513 INFO - LotusNotesConnector CTGDIS044I Initializing Connector.
09:01:35,560 INFO - LotusNotesConnector CTGDIV002I Opening Session to Domino Server: Session Type='IIOP',, Hostname='', User ID='Test User/IBM', Requested IIOP/SSL='false'.
09:01:36,340 INFO - LotusNotesConnector CTGDIV004E NotesException encountered trying to create a session with the Domino Server: Class Name='lotus.domino.NotesException', Exception={1}
09:01:36,387 INFO - LotusNotesConnector CTGDIS495I handleException , initialize, java.lang.Exception: Could not open Notes session
09:01:36,402 INFO - LotusNotesConnector CTGDIS350I Hook initialize_fail [1].
09:01:36,402 INFO - LotusNotesConnector CTGDIS353I Script is: task.dumpEntry(error);
09:01:36,402 INFO - CTGDIS003I *** Start dumping Entry
09:01:36,402 INFO - Operation: generic
09:01:36,402 INFO - Entry attributes:
09:01:36,402 INFO - status (replace): 'fail'
09:01:36,402 INFO - connectorname (replace): 'LotusNotesConnector'
09:01:36,402 INFO - operation (replace): 'initialize'
09:01:36,402 INFO - exception (replace): 'java.lang.Exception: Could not open Notes session'
09:01:36,402 INFO - message (replace): 'Could not open Notes session'
09:01:36,402 INFO - class (replace): 'java.lang.Exception'
09:01:36,402 INFO - CTGDIS004I *** Finished dumping Entry
I have copied the ncso.jar inside the jar directory of TDI_HOME.Also started the DIIOP & Http task in Domino server
I am not sure about the username that need to required in connector config form. In the above connection settings, I have used the lotus notes account.(Please let me know if I am using wrong account)

Any pointers on detail configuration will be helpful.

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    Rgds. YN.