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Have to backup a file system for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. I figure that there are different ways to accomplish this, such as

1. define different node names for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly;
2. same node name but using client option set with different management class;
3. using different client option / system files and include instatement with corresponding management class.

Would like to clarify if below archive the same result as well:
1. same node name for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly backup;
2. define different managment class for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with different detsination storage pools;
3. upone the backup of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, assign the default managment class to the corresponding management class.
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    Re: Default Management Class

    Hello, Christy!

    You do not have to do full (or selective) backup weekly, monthly and yearly. As TSM uses its "progressive incremental backup" method you need full backup once (just first time) and then all daily backups will be incremental.

    To make weekly, monthly and yearly backups you might use the "backup sets" since all the data is already in TSM storage pools. Just create several administrative schedules that run those processes generating backup sets with specified criteria.

    Good luck!