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Pinned topic MQ / messaging toolkit help ..

‏2013-03-24T00:26:23Z |
Hello Experts ..

. Currently I'm getting a,

/opt/ibm/InfoSphereStreams/toolkits/ CDISP0180E ERROR: Error while loading operator model, details: The environment variable 'XMS_HOME' is not set..

I believe I've set XMS_HOME to /opt/mqm in every location possible.

What do you believe my error might be ?

Given a local install of MQ 7.5 in /opt/mqm, what should XMS_HOME be ?

. The connection.xml document has no qizard or gui, correct ?

. In the MQ gui I've made a queue manager, queue, context, connection factory, and desination objects.

Is there anything else I need ? I'm having trouble relating MQ named objects to those required in
connection.xml. Any thoughts or doc to share ?

thanks in advance,

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    Re: MQ / messaging toolkit help ..

    fyi: I am/was using MQ 7.5. I mis-read the doc (supported platforms).

    I thought it was 7.0 and higher, but not 7.1.

    XMS_HOME should be /opt/mqm/xms assuming all default directories.
    I will report back when I get the new softare installed.