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Pinned topic Problem with Business Space in ICM upgrade

‏2013-03-23T16:58:38Z |

I installed the IBM Case Manager 5.0 with CMPIT.
When I tried to update the ICM to Version, I am having problem in Case Client.

In summary, the upgrade was followed the steps:

1- WAS from to (with IBM Instalation Manager)
2- Business Space 7.5.1 with Interim fix 3
3 - ICM to 5.1.1
4 - PE to
5 - WPXT to with IF001
6 - IBM Content Navigator 2.0.1
7 - ICM Configuration with IBM Case Manager Administration Client
When I try to access a Case Details, on the top of page, there is a error message:

Method: IWidgetWrapper._handleEventInternal - Message: widget: MC0A86C800D8756BD2C1BF770DC23AB0000BD, eventName: onLoad, HandleEventException: Error: Could not load 'ecm.widget.viewer.ContentViewer'; last tried '/navigator/ecm/widget/viewer/ContentViewer.js'

Could somebody suggest what is happening and how to investigate it ?

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    Re: Problem with Business Space in ICM upgrade


    Hi Carlo,

    I'm not sure whether this is the root cause for the issue you are facing but ICM 5.1.1 is not supported with ICN 2.0.1. You'll either have to uninstall ICN 2.0.1 and re-install 2.0.0 or you need to disable the ICN viewer usage in ICM and fall back to the WPXT viewer.

    When I upgraded my ICM 5.1.1 image to use ICN 2.01 I had similar problems but they only occured on pages where I tried to use the ICN viewer widget.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,