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Pinned topic How to move special characters from a DB2 database to another

‏2013-03-23T15:21:51Z |
Customer has a DB2 database with UTF8 charset. There are some special characters in the table which causes the failure of the valiation of the responsed xml(SOAP response in the application).

I neeed to recreate the problem in my ENV. So, I am seeking a way to insert the special character within customer table to my test table.
1) In the web page, copy the special characters and send them to me.
2) SELECT the table and send the special characters to me
3) Give me the hex code representing the special characters.

I think the third one is the right one to choice. Because the characters in 1) and 2) are already converted by the client....
So, is there built-in functions to convert varchar to hex code and vice versa.
I learn somthing about hex() fucntion from the link below, but if the character is ascii based, the CHR() function will not work....any thgouths?