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Pinned topic RPE RTC how to query the state?

‏2013-03-23T10:09:37Z |
How can I query RTC workitems with a certain state. I tried:|summary|state/%28name%29|*%29&size=5

Resulting back: Error 500: CRRED8022E: Non Queryable Field: state/name

Secondly: Receiving results is very slow. Especially when using / for field identification. Any hints on this one?

Any idea?
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  • Dragos.Cojocari
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    Re: RPE RTC how to query the state?

    Hey Marc,

    to the best of my knowledge not all the attributes of a RTC WI can be used in the native filter. The RTC REST API documentation might provide some info on which are those that are supported. Please check with the RTC team on the forum for details.


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  • MarcvanLint
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    Re: RPE RTC how to query the state?

    I found the solution. Working on this, see also other forum appends (with my work in progress).