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Hello all, I'm developing a web application which can be both accessed via fixed and mobile devices. The app is a reservation system and it depends on db2. For example; if a user makes a reservation, then it will be inserted into the db and the place where the reservation is made will be informed. I'm thinking of sms activation for registration but since it needs a sms provider and a running server, for now I want to use a secure system which is based on https (my website is working on WebSphere).

My question is; I want my app to be based on SOA/MVC design, but the range of the technologies which can be used in these implementations are really wide. I want to use the latest technologies like EJB 3.1, JSF 2.0, Web 2.0 but I still couldn't manage to start the development process because of the wide range of the technologies which can be used. I want my app to be 3-tier, so can anyone suggest me where to start or which technology will be better/worse to use? Thanks in advance...

PS: I'm using Linux, RAD v8.5, WAS 8.5, DB2 10.1
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    Have you looked at the Redbook for Rational Application Developer?
    The latest one is for RAD 8.0, but the functionality and menus are similar to RAD 8.5.x. It walks you through how you would develop an application using a certain technology using RAD and WAS:

    The education assistant contains also more information in the WAS 8.0 section about different programming models, e.g. JSF 2.0 and others:

    After that, you should have a clearer understanding which questions you have regarding WAS and RAD.