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Pinned topic Job Plans: Task with both a Nested Job Plan and Predecessors. Is possible?

‏2013-03-22T16:12:22Z |
Hello all.

I'm deploying SmartCloud Control Desk.
I'm preparing one of the (maybe) most typical Job Plans for a Service Desk: Create new user.
A new user could be created with up to 10-12 options (mail, pc, internet access, etc.), and most of them have one or more predecessors: LDAP user creation/validation, and so.
So for some of this options we want to have Job Plans, and apply them in their corresponding task as Nested Job Plans.
But if I select a Nested Job Plan, Predecessors field becomes Read Only. Also, if I select some Predecessors first, the Nested Job Plan field becomes Read Only.

Is this working as designed? Is there anything I could do to select both a Predecessor and a Nested Job Plan for a Task?
Or any workaround to have the same effect...

Best regards.