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Pinned topic Fieldproc continually un-masking in a interactive session .

‏2013-03-22T15:30:49Z |
I am using fieldproc to mask a field. When USER1 signs onto a green screen interactive session and tries to view the data in the file (by using DSPPFM for example) it is masked which is correct. My fieldproc program only allows user USER2 to view the unmasked data. When I want USER1 to view the unmasked data USER1 will call my program that uses the QWTSETP API to switch the user profile to USER2, view the data with my program, and then switches the user back again to USER1. This works just fine except now even though the user is switched back to USER1 and my program ends the user can now execute the DSPPFM command and view the unmasked data as long as USER1 does not sign off. It seems that the fieldproc program does not execute again to mask the data. When displaying the job status the Job User Identity is USER2 and the current user profile is USER1. It appears my fieldproc program thinks the user is still USER2 and therefore automatically unmasks the data until USER1 signs off? Is there a workaround for this?
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    Re: Fieldproc continually un-masking in a interactive session .

    How is your FieldProc program determining the current user?