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Pinned topic 3pp jars and separate build directory for RFT

‏2013-03-22T15:15:26Z |

I would like to build and run my RFT project from the command line (or actually by invoking an ant script from the cmd, all in the name of CI) where the generated files are stored in a build directory separated from the source. In my project there are dependencies towards 3pp's (jars).

So, I have two questions:

1. When invoking the rational_ft executable with the compile and playback flags, and also all 3pp jars and the rational_ft.jar added to the classpath,the result is that it cannot find the 3pp's, although I've added them to the classpath. All import statements concerning those packages returns a "package ... does not exist". What am I missing?

2. Is there build destination flag that could be used when invoking the rational executable with the compile flag so that I could separate build from source?

Mr. Cop
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    Re: 3pp jars and separate build directory for RFT

    Answering my own question:

    1. Read that a solution to 3pp jars is to put all of them in the customization directory (default: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\RFT\customization), I would rather have a path variable specifying their original location but I guess this works for now.

    2. My chosen way is to build/compile everything ususal javac style and then specifying the build location. However, it seems like that I have to copy the rtfdef file for the actual script that I want to execute, to the matching relative location in my build directory.