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Pinned topic moving HMC and managed system to a new network - please help

‏2013-03-22T14:20:42Z |
Hi guys,

Our HMC and managed system are both an a 192.168.0.x OPEN network, and must be both moved to a 192.168.50.x network when they get physically moved to a new location in a few days.

Once we change the IP of the HMC we'll lose contact with it. We assume that after moving to the other (50) network, we'll "find" it again, but what about the managed system and its LPARs?

We are newbies in the HMC world (since we have for the first time a p570 system that requires an HMC) so we are swimming in the deep.

Thanks for any help,

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  • robinsguk
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    Re: moving HMC and managed system to a new network - please help


    You should be able to access the managed system via the ASMI interface i.e. https://iP_address_managed_system.

    Using this interface you will be able to modify the IP settings of your 570 to give it the 192.168.50.x address you require.

    Once both the HMC and 570 are configured with new IP addresses and "pingable" on the network you can reconnect the HMC to the 570 by selecting Reset or Remove connections. You could also remove the 570 and then just add it back in using Add connection and specifying the new IP address.

    Make sure you know the password for the HMC user on the 570 ASMI. You would have used this when you first set up the 570 with the HMC.

    I'd also suggest saving critical console data for the HMC and profile data for the 570 before you start.

  • DorukAksoy
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    Re: moving HMC and managed system to a new network - please help

    You can use HMC Console in DataCentre,after you have the GRUB GUI , You can easily change the IP configuration from HMC MANAGEMENT/CHANGE NETWORK SETTINGS menu.
    You don't have to do anything to lpars but if the HMC can't find Servers,you can just add from with internal IP's.