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‏2013-03-22T11:15:35Z |
i am trying to run one simple program in rTRT chosing my TDP as my_minGW.Now am getting error like
Preprocessing PTU test script file...
cwingccming\TTest.c: Preprocessing...
TestRT-I-STARTEXEC, IBM(R) Rational(R) Test RealTime C Test Script Compiler
TestRT-I-COPYRIGHT, (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1992-2007 All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved.
TestRT-I-ENDNOENWR, End of execution with 0 error and 0 warning
'-E' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
status 1
can anybody help me out???
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  • richard.france
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    Re: TDP development

    normally the cwinmingw3_2.xdp has the build > preprocessing function like:
    $Status=SystemP("$Ini{'PREPROCESSOR'} -E $cflags $defines $includes \"$src\" -o \"$out.tmp\" ");
    where $Ini{'PREPROCESSOR'} means the basic settings PREPROCESSOR key is the binary name (here gcc.exe)
    used to make the preprocessing step
    So in your case, either your $Ini{'PREPROCESSOR'} has been removed in the command, or
    your basic setting for C or For C++ PREPROCESSOR key is not set.
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    Re: TDP development

    Thanks richard..