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Pinned topic Can't find sample response file for DWSC

‏2013-03-21T23:03:02Z |
According to IBM's documentation at

"To install Data Studio web console silently, use a response file that contains the properties and values that are used as input for the installation to do one or more silent installations of the product. The sample response file that is provided with the product is in the responseFile directory of the product installation image.
Linux and UNIX: dswc_unix.rsp
Windows: dswc_win.rsp"

My installation file downloaded from IBM contains no responseFile directory and there are no .rsp files anywhere in the installation file.

Is there somewhere I can find a sample response file. I am unable to create one because the setup.exe fails to open up due to some wonky configuration on our Windows 2003 server.

I had the same issue of not being able to execute the setup.exe with the DB2 LUW install, but was able to install it using a .rsp file, so I want to try the same for DSWC 3.2. I just need a sample .rsp file to try it.

I could probably also use an .rsp for the 3.2 Data Studio full client as well.

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    Re: Can't find sample response file for DWSC

    Some information was left out of the InfoCtr for DSWC 3.2. Please use the following link to do silent installation and configuration of DSWC 3.2. It also includes the sample response files: