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‏2013-03-21T20:08:08Z |
I experienced very slow reponse time, and I guess timed out. Is there a way I can get back in. For some reason the SVG viewer would not install on the remote machine, so I couldn't see the diagrams.

I am assessing whether we could get a benefit from this product. Thank you.
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    Re: Need Help with Trial

    Hi Steve. Since Citrix released their version 3.4 of receiver, there have been performance problems with the sandbox images. We have found that if you revert back to version 3.3, the issue is resolved. Is this something you can try? Once an image is assigned to you from Developerworks, you cannot get back in if you get logged out. The image will recycle itself after 4 hours and will reset the password. You will need to go back in to dWorks and request a new seat.
    Hope this helps.