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Pinned topic dsmreconcile fails for a TSM-HSM-controlled gpfs-filesystem

‏2013-03-21T10:53:37Z |
Hello Everybody,

I set up a TSM-for Spacemanagement (HSM)-Service integrating a gpfs-filesystem with about 100 different filesets.
After testing manually with various dsmmigrate-, dsmrecall-, dsmreconcile-jobs
and adjusting appropriate TSM-service-,-HSM- and gpfs-settings,
the HSM-tools worked without problems.
Than I migrated "gpfs-policy-driven"
about 60 TB of gpfs-data (located in different storage pools and filesets)
=> no problems also with the recall of part of it through "user-access".

Applying the
dsmreconcile-tool (that worked for the small data-ammount before)
every evening at 19:02 o'clock ran into an error:

Reconciling '/gpfs/airsat' file system:
Querying the TSM server for a list of migrated files...
(=> at 19:02 independent from the start)

ANS8049E A connection with the server cannot be established due to a communications time-out.

ANS9082W dsmreconcile: error encountered while reconciling file system /gpfs/airsat.

=> The reconcilation stopped

changing different parameters in the dsm.sys (RECOncileinterval to 0 / 9999 etc.)
than restarting everytimes the TSM-service
=> same behaviour.

Is there any parameter to adjust (server or client) ?
Can anybody give me a hint on this behaviour and how to prevent it ?

Thanks previously
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    Re: dsmreconcile fails for a TSM-HSM-controlled gpfs-filesystem

    Additional question and further remarks, concerning the problem in the subject:

    To apply a gpfs-driven migration it is recommended in different IBM-Field-Guides,
    to deactivate the dsmmonitord and dsmscoutd (also a procedure is proposed to do so).
    So I did also in my gpfs-HSM-Configuration !
    Now reading the documentations of the dsmreconcile-command:
    I find several dependencies and parameters to be defined for the usage of even these daemons !?

    So my question:
    How can a dsmreconcile be performed through gpfs, without running the dsmmonitord and dsmscoutd ?