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Pinned topic Announcing a New Beta Refresh

‏2013-03-21T10:50:42Z |
The WebSphere and Rational teams are pleased to announce a Beta refresh with exciting enhancements to both runtime and tools

This is an update to the previously delivered Beta with key enhancements to the Liberty profile across programming models, tools, and administration.

Included in the Beta are:
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5.Next Beta Liberty Profile
  • IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software (RAD) V9.0 Beta
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse (WDT) V9.0 Beta

Highlights of this update include:
  • Programming models: Enhancements to Web Profile support including CDI, EJB Lite and Managed Beans, additional Web Services and messaging capabilities, and the completion of the MongoDB support.
  • Administration and security: Updates to the new Liberty server administration including support for static cluster management using the Collective Controller, starting and stopping of cluster members, and monitoring of server status.
  • Third party feature SPI: Additional capabilities for extending the Liberty server by embedders and extenders.
  • WebSphere Developer tools for Eclipse: Enhanced support for Maven project integration. New support for Dynacache and Web Services.
  • Platform support: Added Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) as a platform for RAD.

Also included are two Technology Previews:
  • Liberty Profile Admin UI Tech Preview
  • Liberty Profile Plugin for IBM Workload Deployer Tech Preview

For more information and to download the Betas and Tech Previews, go to