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‏2013-03-21T06:57:34Z |
Hi, Am using the IBM WCM Authoring builder to create the content.

1.) Whenever am creating the content it creates the site area automatically with the content name and then creates the content , then add this content to the site areawith the same name as content. Is there any we can bypass this excess site area creation along with content.

2)Is it possible to create a site area /site alone with the help of this builder.

3)Is there any way to get the list of documents that falls under the given Site Area/Site.

Am publishing my application to the IBM Websphere Portal Server 8.0

Any help is appreciated. thanks in advance
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    Re: IBM Web Content manager Authoring Builder - Site Area Cration

    Hi, I'm a little confused by your first statement. The builder should not be creating a site area when adding content to WCM. It should only be creating the actual content item. Can you describe in more detail how your WCM repository is configured? Also, if you can provide a sample model that demonstrates this behavior that would help to understand the situation.

    For your question 2, it is not possible for the builder to create a site area/site in WCM. This is not something that the builder supports. That's part of my confusion about your first question, is that I see no place in the builder code where we could actually add a new site area to WCM, unless WCM is automatically performing this on behalf of the request for some reason.

    For #3, the WCM API looks like it does provide a mechanism to query a subset of documents from the repository based on a parent (site/site area). However, this is not exposed in any way by the builder. I will enter an enhancement request to add some additional filtering capabilities in the next release of WEF which would include filtering by site area. In the meantime, you can accomplish this filtering by using a Transform Filter builder applied to the list or search operation results from the WCM builder. You would need to supply the id's of the desired site area(s) to the Transform Filter builder to allow it to filter the results of the WCM query.