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Pinned topic uploading large files to SCE instance

‏2013-03-21T04:55:30Z |
How can we upload file of size around 4 Gib to SCE red hat instance.Using Winscp fails as the connection is terminated by host, and if filezilla is used the connection gets terminated just after getting connected once.
Please help with any workaround for this.
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    Re: uploading large files to SCE instance

    First thing to check is probably whether you have enough available space on the SCE image to upload 4GB. If filezilla is terminating that fast it may mean you do not. Try the df or maybe quota commands.

    Assuming you do and the issue is simply with the size of the transfer, you can use the split command to break the large file into pieces and then transfer the individual pieces. On windows you can get many Linux commands in the cygwin package.

    Ian Shields