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Pinned topic ClearQuest Script works randomly

‏2013-03-20T23:02:01Z |
I have a clearquest schema that with a particular behavior for an specific action.
When a Task is rejected, the task must be automatically reopened other predecessors task must be reopened too.
This scripts works most of the time, and in my test also worked.
As I said, sometimes don't work, I don't know if maybe is for some environment characteristics (f.ex: java version? java usage? memory?).
Anyone knows how can I debug this??
Thanks in advance.
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    Re: ClearQuest Script works randomly

    Just to add more information to the question, sometimes (while making the action that works randomly) I get the message: "Can't call method "mail" on an undefined value at mail::almtask_Notification line 5999."
    The script is wrote in Perl.