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Pinned topic Using IBM ILOG CP optimizer with Microsoft Visual C++

‏2013-03-20T21:53:07Z |
Dear All!

I want to run a constraint programming example using Cp optimizer through c++ concert technology. I do not know how to connect visual studio C++ and CP optimizer. Can anyone tell me how to do that. I will be really thankful.
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    Re: Using IBM ILOG CP optimizer with Microsoft Visual C++

    Dear khan49

    A good start would be to have a look at the CP Optimizer C++ examples shipped with IBM ILOG CPLEX studio.
    You will find them in:

    You will find VC++ projects for various versions of windows under:

    this directory contains various solution files:
    x86_windows_vs2008\stat_mda\examples.sln x86_windows_vs2008\stat_mdd\examples.sln x86_windows_vs2010\stat_mda\examples.sln x86_windows_vs2010\stat_mdd\examples.sln

    that you can load under the visual studio IDE of your choice.
    Inspecting example project options should provide you all the needed information on how to compile the C++ examples.

    I hope this helps,