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Pinned topic Paging Assistant builder method error

‏2013-03-20T18:04:13Z |
I have an action list where I'm assigning the value of a paging assistant (PA) to a variable of type Integer by using the PA.getCurrentPage method, and it's throwing a error to my log. (See attached file for error specifics.)

Here is the entry from the action list:

Is there a way to prevent this error from occurring?
  • DGawron
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    Re: Paging Assistant builder method error


    Are you trying to get the current page before the data retriever instance has been created through a call to some service operation?  The stack trace looks like it's trying to create an instance of the data retriever.  You cannot interact with a paging assistant or a data retriever until they have been properly initialized.  A data retriever is typically created by calling a service operation whose results are being paged through by a paging assistant instance.

  • Tim_L
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    Re: Paging Assistant builder method error


    Yes, it looks as though we were trying to use the paging assistant prior to initializing it.  Silly mistake that we overlooked.  Thanks!