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Pinned topic Filtering Question: How to filter a specific transaction

‏2013-03-20T15:31:44Z |

I am trying to define a WRT filter using AMCE.

The customer wants to monitor the Login Transactions and wants to see the Good and Bad logins.

There is a transaction: wait_login.jsp that checks the login.

In this transaction, they call a check_login.jsp method that returns the next transaction that must to be executed.

If the check_login returns the method menu_options.jsp, the login was OK.

If the check_login returns the method bad_login.jsp, the login was NOT OK.

I defined a filter that checks the ReferrerURL = wait_login.jsp and URL = menu_options.jsp for the GOOD Login and another with the same ReferrerURL and URL = bad_login.jsp for the BAD Login.

I think that I need to check the occurence of the menu_options only for transaction wait_login.jsp because the menu_options can be called from another transactions.

I hope that I made clear my need.

Thanks in advance for your attention and your time.