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Pinned topic Radio button group in a Data Page-->gridtable

‏2013-03-20T14:30:43Z |

I have requirement like.
I need to display a datapage like below.
D1 | radiobutton P1 radiobutton D1
D2 | radiobutton P1 radiobutton D2
D3 | radiobutton P1 radiobutton D3
D4 | radiobutton P1 radiobutton D4

It will have two columns likes Dealer Value , Parent Value.
The Parent Column will be Radio button group, we need to select only one value like either P1 or Dealer Value.
( In the Radio button group, First value will be constant like P1 and second value will be Dealer Value which is equal to First Column Value)

eg) D1 |radiobutton P1 radiobutton D1

My problem is i am not able to give dynamic values to RadioButton group.
Please help me to assign different values to the RadioButton group based on the XML returned from the DB.