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‏2013-03-20T13:20:22Z |
I need to synchronize the running of certain jobs on my server (in Americas) with a server in Europe. Switching to daylilght saving time is done on deifferent dates, so I want to use UTC to run the jobs, without changing my servers timezone to UTC.
I created a user that has export TZ=UTC in its .profile, which gives UTC time when running 'date' command, but the jobs in his crontab still run in EDT.
Does AIX support the CRON_TZ entry in crontab? It does not give an error but the cronjobs still run in EDT.
Any help appreciated.
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  • romeo_ninov
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    Re: cron jobs in UTC

    The variables you set are related to user, not to cron daemon. TO set environment variable for daemon you should implement special script, which will start the daemon. Or you should implemet external solution like ControlM
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    Re: cron jobs in UTC

    Have you considered setting up a unique LPAR.... with minimal memory & minimal entitlement ? Run that LPAR in TZ=GMT & co-ordinate activities with your European counterpart.